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What are the Best Family Health Insurance Plans – AccountWalkOnline

Today we are coverage the most important discussion of everyone’s life. This is about to make our health safe and secure. Yes, it’s all about the you and your family health. There might have been any situation either to you or your known one that you have to compromise on your health issues just because of money. Your budget is not allowing to go beyond to get the complete medical treatment.

No one knows when the time changes and your health get disturbs. A simple question to you is that can you predict the time of your illness? Of course No.! So will your pocket allow you the bear the heavy medical expenses in such unpredictable medical situations.? You might have thought about your dream car or your child’s future but might be not about health. Therefore, the need for your Family’s medical & Hospitalization insurance is highly significant. Here is the best solution for you to get rid of circumstance hassle free – Family Health Insurances Plans have specially designed and offered to every citizen to cover your health.

These Family Health Insurances usually cover your complete family – your spouse, your children’s including you under only one single Insurance Policy. This will full for any unforeseen illness or accident that leads to injury or hospitalization. All the process of medication will be cashless over a vast network of hospitals under qualified team of doctors. The total amount of your policy floats over to your entire family, meanings that your total limit can be used by any member of family covered.

Best Family Health Insurance Plans Offered:

Many of the Insurance Companies are offering the the plans with their best efforts in order to cover our family health insurance in any of the available top hospitals from many. In Pakistan, there are many famous but here we will enlist only few with best calculated plans so that you make decision easily.

Jubilee Insurance Life

Ace Insurance Co. Ltd

Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd

Askari General Insurance Co. Ltd

Each of the Insurance company provides full medical plans with different packages with differ the limit of coverage. So you need to take extra care of these while processing for Family Health Insurance. Since all your need for individual family medication and Hospitalization is highly important – fulfilling the today’s medical needs. So we will share the best Insurance for all your such needs. When it comes to your family lifestyle protection, you can join any of the above mentioned Insurance Companies but most you can rely is Jubilee General Insurance . You can easily trust as a partner for your health insurances.

Most importantly, Jubilee General’s Family Health Care Insurance covers all your family member (Self, spouse, up to 04 children) for a fixed amount of cover in case of any hospitalization. As already state that amount of sum will be floated to your entire family. Let’s take any example of it to better understand this, as its really important to understand this – like if you take a plan of Rs. 550,000 covering 5 of your family members then the entire family can claim up to this amount all together.

Family Health Insurance

Coverage Plans of Family Health Insurance:

i – Hospitalization

In case of hospitalization, following will be details that are import to know about. And also hospitalization limits are normally on annual and allocated on ‘Per Family’ basis. Jubilee General Insurance is offering two exclusive health insurance plans with following limits.

Silver Plan:   Rs. 275,000
Gold Plan:    Rs. 550,000

ii –  Product Features

This Insurance company offers the following packages as per their products. So choice wisely.

  1. Family A – Self, Spouse and up to 2 Children’s.
  2. Family B – Self, Spouse and up to 3 Children’s.
  3. And Family C – Self, Spouse and up to 4 Children’s.

Following are the benefits of above products.

  • Ensures cashless medical benefits through preferred network across the country.
  • No need of medical tests.
  • Cover PECs after 04 years of continuous coverage.
  • Flexibility to cancel the plan after 14 days, if not satisfied

Benefits of Health Insurance in Pakistan:

  • If you avail family health insurance plan this will help you to minimize the medical expenses and provide better health services in your tough times.
  • In case any of your family member get hospitalization, health insurance plan provides you the finest medical treatment.
  • Allows the flexibility to get treatment at any of the network hospitals that are offered under your insurance policy across the country.
  • Few insurance plans’ also the expense incurred for hiring an ambulance for the patient to travel to the hospital and then to home.
  • Cashless claim services enable you to receive medical treatment without need to submit a claim for treatment. Avail this overall health insurance with cashless facility on a winder network of hospital to have hassle free treatment.
  • You can cancel your plan in 14 days, in case you are not satisfied with the services.
  • 15% of additional hospitalization limit after renewal of 2 years.

Hope, this discussion of Family Health Insurance plan will help you to better understand before you go for a plan. If still, there is any query please ask in the comments section.

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