Types Of Debit Cards

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Types Of Debit Cards

Unlike Credit Cards, funds are immediately transferred from the account or cardholder respective bank account using a Debit Card. For this you don’t have to pay money back later for example for some specified limit date as per bank policy. In simple words, to better understand this you can say that you have to pay from your available balance limit while using Debit CardDebit Cards normally allow its users for instant withdrawal of cash (limit as per policy), acting as an ATM card for withdrawing cash, paying online cash and for shopping on Visa/Debit supportive merchants. There are multiple types of Debit Cards used worldwide, let’s have a brief intro..

What are Different Types Of Debit Cards.? And their Use?

Visa Debit Card: 

Most commonly used and of its kind is Visa Debit Card that is used in Pakistan and this is supported by all bank’s under the policy of State Bank of Pakistan.  Visa/Debit Card is normally known as an ATM Card that enables its user to shop and withdrawal cash from any Visa supported bank ATM with no worries.

But debit cards don’t allow you pay for any bill or shopping at the end or normally after one and a half month back to banks, as you have to pay from your own balance and limit as per your account.

Important Details about Visa/Debit Card:

Being in 20’s centuries, doesn’t matter if you don’t have cash in your pocket and it’s not a big issue. Use of Debit Card enables you to access to your money wherever and whenever you want? Using ‘Visa debit Card’ allows you the convenience of purchasing on Millions of merchant’s, online purchasing or withdrawing cash from anywhere where Visa is accepted.

You don’t have to worry about the geographical location to access Visa Debit Card as it’s an internationally accepted Visa Card that is linked to your Bank account, that can be in any Bank in Pakistan.

Simply, you can use your Visa Debit Card around the world anywhere you see the Visa symbol. Using debit card is the quickest and most secure way for shopping/purchases.

MasterCard Debit Card: 

You can say the 2nd most used type of debit card is MasterCard Debit Card. Beside, using of Debit/Visa Card, this type of card is also used in the world of biggest Debit/Credit Card companies.

These Cards are very popular and they are offered to customers by a majority of banks in world, specially in India. It is also well known because of its fast service and extended customer support. And no doubt its excellent benefits and rewards points make it more prominent in banking industry.  One can use these type of cards in making payments, for online shopping anywhere in the world via online stores.

MasterCard Debit Card are also used for withdrawal of  cash from an ATM from anywhere in the world.

The 24/7 customer support is very professional.

Types Of Debit Cards

What are the Advantages of Debit Card.?

Easy to Start: One can easily have debit card upon request from respective Banks.
More Convenient: You can shop anywhere using provided Debit Card just by swiping the card.
Secure: Provides you security while don’t having cash with You.?
Readily accepted: Making plans for visits..?  Debit Cards are widely accepted.

Extra Features at a Glance:

Following are most important features of using of any type of Visa/Debit Card…

  • Enables you yo use your own money on around  27 million outlets and 160 countries worldwide “Visa accepted”
  • No worries .. If you don’t have cash.
  • Keep peace of mind while having no cash.
  • Withdrawal from any ATM Where Visa is Accepted.
  • For Security purpose, Each transaction alerts are also served by Banks.
  • 24x7x360 days  on call support available for any queries.

Hopefully you the use of Visa/Debit Card but still if there are any Question..?

Please ask in Comments..


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